Shall remain

In some areas of Lincoln county there are tons of little lakes and ponds left behind by the last glacier. So many that a lot of them don’t have names including this one. It’s not a special place nor is it big, but it puts on a show. Lately the promised clouds haven’t materialized and it’s blue bird skies all the time. So I make the best of it with a quick twist of the polarizer. There is no trail to this pond, but the woods were manageable and not too thick. It’s such a cheerful scene that I don’t mind the bright sun. Fall with peak color is fleeting so I get out anytime I can.

Specific Feedback Requested

It’s a grab shot, but any ideas are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld ducked under overhanging branches on the boggy and squishy end of the pond.

Lr processed for white balance and a bit of a crop. Did some color channel tweaking for greater separation and a bit of lens correction and sharpening. Ps to remove a blob from a dirty lens (bad photographer) and some debris in the water.


Hey Kristen, this is really nice. I like the mirrored symmetry. The light doesn’t bother me at all. Great shot.

I think you have made the best image possible of this nice autumn scene. Especially, the thin tongue of land sticking into the image from the righht add to the quality of the image.

I was just thinking a couple of days ago during a sunny day shoot. Is it better to increase or decrease polarization. I chose to decrease but I’m not sure.

hey thanks everyone. I let my reply slip through the cracks. crazy.

In terms of polarization, @Igor_Doncov - I think it’s highly dependent on what you’re trying to accomplish. Sometimes cutting all glare and reflections to show underwater or to the true color of foliage is the goal so you’d want it all the way on. In this case I wanted strong reflections, but also strong foliage so it’s mostly on, but not fully.