Sharks Tooth

I captured this image back in June in a relatively remote, high altitude lake basin in the Sierra. We spent 4 cloudless days in the backcountry hoping for some atmosphere. This type of weather pattern is common in the High Sierra during summer months and makes for challenging photography conditions. The only usable images were those taken in twilight or immediately before/after sunset/sunrise. We were packing away the cameras before 6am and not shooting again until around 8pm. Made for some very long days…

5DSR, 16-35 f/4. 3 image focus stack.

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The subtle colors, and the sheer number of them, are gorgeous.

Even though you might have been hoping for clouds, I think they might only add more complexity to such a wonderful composition. I like how the gradient in the sky places emphasis on the peak and the foreground fracture. And who knows, maybe if you had clouds, they could have blocked the wonderful light hitting the peak. These are the moments that I really enjoy when shooting photos because the light doesn’t last long at all. I know what you mean about those long days though. Hopefully you had plenty of time to explore and find some great vantage points during those times.

The foreground is really nice with texture and leading. Often I think the simple color gradient of the earth shadow is more pleasing in an image than clouds. As Ben said, it places emphasis back on the land.

Stunning image. The colors of the light on the mountain and the earth’s shadow are gorgeous, and that is one killer foreground. Very well thought out composition. Your processing of the color gradient in the sky creates a lot of impact. As Ben said, I’d take this any day over white clouds.

My thoughts exactly Ben. The lack of clouds works great here and keeps this image really clean. Nice job Dave. Great shot.

I love the nicely placed lead in lines and the sweet “Neapolitan” sky, Dave. I think that having atmosphere would only overcomplicate it - I like it just the way it is.

This composition is perfect! I love your choice of a vertical orientation, as well as leaving some space up top for the awesome gradient you have in the sky. Fantastic work and great framing!