She still gives life!


Description: it’s still alive! This tree has long been cut into firewood. I was amazed at how a tree so decimated could still produce life. Maybe it says a lot about those out there that live with ailments and always see the best part of life.

Specific Feedback Requested:all

Pertinent technical details or techniques: this was shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 , 10-30. F4 (I’m guessing at this - it’s been a few years. If I find the original with EXIF data , I’ll supply it in this story.

This is terrific, Duncan. To me it expresses the unfailingly resilience of life. Well seen.

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Nice find! I’m always amazed when trees that are so damaged can survive. After fires, storms and the chainsaw. I like the analogy connecting it to people who live with conditions that are challenging.

I think you’ve managed the direct sunlight well and the overall dynamic range looks decent - no blocked shadows or blown highlights that I can see. The focus though, is a bit soft; I can’t see much that is actually crisp. You don’t have the EXIF data, but I’d guess a combination of slow shutter speed and maybe a big crop. Because the tree’s damaged area is so large, getting the whole thing in one shot is hard so kudos there. I don’t mind the centered position because of the spreading canopy - it’s like an umbrella. Some accompanying detail shots of the damage would be an idea to expand the story of this tree.