Sheldon Lake

I loved to see the vertical shapes along the landscape and the different tonalities

Specific Feedback Requested

I have connected with this picture very much. The only thing is that the halo around the bird bothers me. I am not sure if this is OK to have or if it shows lack of technique. Thanks

Technical Details

Nikon Z7
300 mm
ISO 320
I blurred the background except for the bird and part of the tree. I wanted a style of a dreamy landscape.

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Hi Marie, what a wonderful environmental scenic. The Egret is just a wonderful highlight to the overall scene. I wonder about the halo. Is caused by processing or was the background actually highlighted by light…hard to tell…

Thank you!. I hope the halo does not take away from the beauty of the scene.

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It’s not ideal to have a halo around the bird but you should be able to tell if the halo on the bird was there prior to you processing this image. If it wasn’t there before you started processing, then it’s something in the processing so you may want to retrace your steps to see what caused it. I am wondering what this image looked like before you blurred everything except the bird and parts of the tree. Shooting at f/5.6 should have blurred most of the foreground and the background. What steps did you take to blur the foreground and the background? That may be part of the halo issue.
You have a wonderful scene unfolding here and the bird certainly takes precedence over the landscape but the two sure work well together.
A couple of things you might try on this image is to add a vignette to darken the edges and also see about burning the whites of the bird since they look like they are blown out. If this is a raw file you may have room to pull additional information out of the feathers.
One last thing…It looks like most of the image is slightly out of focus so I’m wondering if you were hand holding the camera or if you shot this from a tripod? You certainly had plenty of shutter speed for a sharp image. Is it possible that you blurred everything in post? Just trying to help here. I can see why you are drawn to this image.

Thank you for this comment and suggestions. The halo was there before processing. I blurred the scene a bit more by using subject and inverting the selection. I thought the colors and patterns called for a more dreamy scene. It was on a monopod.
Thank you again!