On my road trip to Capitol Reef, there were some great clouds in the sky. As we were making our way towards the park, I would see shooting light coming down on to the landscape below but the light fell on land that wasn’t interesting enough as a subject. I finally got this shot and after taking this image, I was impartial to the shot. I was actually impartial until the final edit.

I really enjoy how the land takes up a small amount of the frame while the rest is dominated by the cloud and light. I’m quite happy with the shot now :slight_smile:


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Like the fall of light on the rocks to the right.

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@Ian_Wolfenden thank you! It’s what captured my eye, I really tried to make the whole composition surrounding just that!

Square format always makes for an interesting composition. Stunning light and love the colour even if I am a b&w devotee. Beautiful work.

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Thank you very much! I felt that the slight spotlighted red really contrasted well with the overall blue tones of the scene!