I principally submit images to the various categories in the Image Showcases . Since David has chosen to eliminate that area, coupled with the requirements regarding the required versions of Safari to submit images, I am choosing to no longer participate in NPN.
I have enjoyed my time here, “met” some very nice people, and enjoyed receiving their comments.
All the best to NPN and the people associated with it.

Bob Faucher

I’m very sorry to hear that, Bob. Please see the announcement about the changes we are making. The Showcase section is moving to a new area in the chat, so you can still share photos there. I know this won’t please everyone, but we needed to move NPN in a direction where we are more focused on critiques and learning. I hope you can understand that.

As for the Safari requirements, I’m not familiar with this, but it is possible if you are on a very old version that it may be required due to security concerns and the older browsers making the site non-functional.

I hope you will change your mind, Bob.

well you have to be a paid member to enter chat, guess I will be just lurking for a little while, then fade away also.
it’s been fun…