Silver Scales

This photo is from a rock wall at Ona Beach State Park in Oregon. There are always interesting rock patterns there. It was taken with my Sony RX10 IV.

Any feedback is welcome.

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Chris: Love the color palette and the textures. Well seen and captured. >=))>

Thank you, Bill. I thought the colors and texture were unusual.

Chris, what a neat image. It is rock art, and so perfect for the Weekly Challenge category. I am enjoying all the patterns and the variations of colors as well. I could see a difficult jigsaw puzzle out of this beautiful image! :+1: :+1:

Wow, that would be one difficult puzzle. Thank you for your comments.

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Chris; my first thought was of a carefully crafted mosaic. I could look at it forever, the patterns and lines are quite intriguing for me. Nicely seen and executed.

Thank you, Linda, for your wonderful comments.

What a cool color combination that accentuates the textures. Nice!

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Absolutely dazzling and entrancing, not an easy combination to achieve. The blue areas, divided into scales, are stitched together with the complementary amber diagonals. Easy to look at this for a long time.
For me, the top area demands a bit too much attention … separated by the horizontal line, a bright area, and a dark area. I cropped a bit of that, but careful burn/dodge might preserve more of what you like at the top.

Nice. Thank you for sharing this.

This is wonderful, Chris. It has been many years since I’ve been to Ona Beach - now I want to return!

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Chris, this is great. You’ve got a well proportioned mix of colors, shapes and textures. I especially like how the touch of green in the lower left corner adds a nice “surprise” to the palette.

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Thanks, Greg. Ona Beach is always a favorite of mine.

Mark, I appreciate your feedback on the photo. Thank you.