Simple Pleasures w/edits


Edited…moved shells on right edge in and removed shells on the edge

Yet another image from my recent La Jolla trip a couple of weeks ago. As I was walking along the beach, these green strands of seaweed caught my eye as they randomly swirled through seashells in the sand. I had but a few seconds to grab this single shot before the next wave came in and rearranged the composition. I thought of the simple pleasures in life that we all have and sometimes take for granted.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the composition work for you?
Are the shells along the Right side of the frame too close to the edge?
Does the feather sticking halfway out of the top of the frame grab your eye?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Z711, 24-70mm lens @ 39mm, ISO 160, 1/80th @f/11, hand held


Absolutely! And to catch it between waves? That’s remarkable.

Yes. It’s not a big deal but if you’re a perfectionist I would take care of the ones touching and the ones being crossed. Maybe widening the frame instead of removing.

What I like is the natural high toned look and also the gracefulness of seaweed. That’s seagrass by the way. Phylospadix. I remember seeing it in La Jolla while snorkeling.

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How graceful! This is lovely.

The two that are touching the frame feel odd to me. The other ones that are just close feel fine. The feather doesn’t bother me at all.

The composition is wonderful.

This is very nice David.
Love the mood you got here.
It’s a wonderful thing you got between waves.
Those shells on the right side needed some more space.

Movement and stillness in one frame. Tremendous. I would see about including or excluding whole shells on the border so it is more harmonious, but really, that’s not too critical. The shape of the seagrass is so graceful. The shells and rocks a solid counterpoint as is the sand itself. Really a great catch.

All said above – I’ll just add another well done!! My personal taste would be to clean up edges, to remove points of tension and let the viewer savor the gracefully relaxed composition.

Thanks for your input and comments @Igor_Doncov, @joaoquintela, @Kris_Smith, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Diane_Miller. I reposted a version with the right edge cleaned up. Thanks again for the suggestions and Igor, the name of the green grass. I’ll bet it’s beautiful snorkeling there.

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It was. There was always good visibility so you could see the fish for a ways. This seagrass had a bright green color that really stood out. There were mats of them.

This is really good, David. I like the rework, but I would clone out the curved white bit leaving the upper edge. Love the graceful curves of the sea grass. Excellent small scene.