I wouldn’t say this is a simple iceberg, but there is something about this image that feels simple. It wasn’t my first pick on reviewing my images after this trip, but it has grown on me a lot. I think there is a story to tell here, for anyone who can read an iceberg (holes, lines, etc.). This was taken in 2019 in Disko Bay, so I wonder if it is just water now - integrated into the Atlantic.

I’ve decided I really like ice, so I’m excited to see what everyone shares for this challenge. I actually have a LOT of ice images, but don’t worry, I won’t post them all. :smiley:

Specific Feedback Requested


I have two crops of this. One is the original aspect ratio (or close) which gives a bit more sky and water. I wasn’t sure if that added to the image, so I tried this crop. Do you like the wider look, or do you think it would be better in the original format?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony a7, ISO 100, 1/250, f6.3 85mm
Manually set the white balance and added a very small amount of contrast, a tiny little bit of saturation, and a fairly heavy levels adjustment. Slight vignette. It was a very flat image, late in the evening with the clouds having rolled in. I saw that the camera picked up some color in the sky, so I tried to bring that out.


A beautiful ice sculpture! My preference is to crop out excess sky.

Karla, I agree with the description “simple”, even though it’s not simple. There a ton of structure, a variety of blue tones and the great hole. I think your pano crop fits it’s shape perfectly. Yes, being able to “read” the story told by the shapes and curves would be fascinating.

@Bill_Pelzmann and @Mark_Seaver Thanks for your comments on the crop and other aspects of the image.

I love the gradation of blue tones and how the contrast with the orange background.
I love the crop because it gives a sense of vastness which helps picture the scale.

Very well done simple image of a complex subject

I can’t imagine a better crop – the iceberg stands out majestically. The colors are subtle and wonderful!

@Aref and @Diane_Miller Thanks to both of you for taking time to comment on both the color and the crop. I’m glad you enjoyed it.