Skillet Creek

I captured this fall scene in a State Natural Area about 40 miles from my home. It was a beautiful fall morning and I was quite lucky to be there when not many people were around yet. It does get pretty busy at times and especially in the fall. The creek runs through this amazing gorge and it really is a wonderful area to photograph. Coming up with something that everyone hasn’t shot can be a challenge. Thanks for taking a look and any thoughts appreciated.

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24-105L, ISO 100, F/16, 30 sec. with polarizer.

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Being only forty miles away has allowed to to get intimately familiar with this area, Nick. The light is gorgeous throughout the image and I love the patterns with the swirling leaves as they impart a nice sense of motion. Beautifully done.

Lot’s of atmosphere here Nick, this one has a lot of impact. I’m really enjoying the reflected light on the canyon walls. It’s like Antelope Canyon meets flowing autumn river…

Nick, your composition really draws me into this beautiful scene. I like the interplay of elements and I enjoy the subtle autumn light.


Ed L, Ed M and Peter, Hey guys thanks for your comments and glad you like it. It is a very cool place and now I’m thinking about a visit there in the winter. I haven’t done that yet and have never scene a winter picture from here, but probably some out there. Thanks, Nick

I really like how the reflection of the forest overlaps the swirling leaves. The light on the rock walls is just right, too. I have tried the swirling leaves trick in a nearby stream, but never got anything this pretty!!

Thanks Alberto! I appreciate getting your thoughts on it. Nick