Slender Orange-Bush Lichen (and a little weevil)

So is it cheating to have other subjects in the weekly challenge photos?
This was taken at my black light sheet that I use to attract moths on Sept . 17th this year. It is an example of Slender Orange-bush Lichen (Teloschistes exilis) that is a very common lichen found on dead live oak branches here in Austin.

I picked up macro photography again as a result of my taking pictures of plants and insects for I had been using my cell phone but was getting frustrating at the difficulties focusing. I had been into macro WAY back in the 80’s and when I lived in North Carolina, I was an active SCUBA diver and owned a Nikonos IVa and shot underwater macro with extension tubes. Since that was Fuji Film days, it was a pretty expensive hobby and when I moved to Texas, started having kids, I let that hobby go. More on the rebirth of that hobby later. Back to this image.

As part of my efforts to document the organisms that live with my in Austin, I set up a black light in front of a sheet to attract moths and other insects. I then photograph them, identify them, and upload them to iNaturalist. On this night, I was photographing with a friend that is also just beginning his jump into macro. To add some interest to the photography, I placed sticks and rocks on the table with the blacklight to have a different background other than a white sheet. This little nut and acorn weevil from the genus Curculio walked over the lichen allowing me to shoot a few photos.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


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Single shot, handheld with the Sony a6000, Laowa 65mm macro. (My guess is that the fstop was around 8, but this is a manual lens and I don’t have that info in the meta data.) I think this might have been shot with a Nikon SB800 speedlight with a softbox diffuser.

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The Weevil came out beautifully, Todd, and I like the Lichen as well. A very nice shape.

Todd, the lichen and the weevil both look very good here. I like how the weevil’s snout leads to the orange “caps” on the lichen branches.

Hi Todd, well that weevil certainly steals the show and provides a nice leading line to the lichen. Lots of detail in that little guy. The lichen is interesting in itself and something we probably don’t have here in CT, so I’m wishing for more sharpness and detail in the plant. Nice capture!