Slowing Down the Pace

This is my first post here. I love how NPN fosters more of a learning/community approach to displaying our work than simply wowing people into likes and emojis via heavily saturated photographs. the transition from social media (instagram) to a place like this will be a tough learning curve and reality check but im totally up for the challenge.

This shot is from a quick pitstop on my favorite portion of the John Muir Trail through the Sierras. My intention was to “slow down the pace” of not only the water flowing, but also our intense clip to make it to camp before dark. I could spend days shooting this region but was only allowed 10 minutes or so. After evaluating my options of compositions this is one that kept with my theme of “slowing things down” conceptually. I still felt rushed as the other parties in my group aren’t much into photography. This particular meadow was of great interest to me as it had meandering stream leading lines, reflections, fall colors, flowing water, all of the things landscape people salivate over.

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

This does look like a great scene to explore. The flowing water is nicely inviting. The mix of colors in the grasses and trees work well in the mid-ground and the sky has lots of interest. Right now, I can’t open a larger view. (That’s a problem that keeps cropping up occasionally. You may be able to fix it by deleting the old upload and uploading your image again being careful to keep the upload string separate from any other typing.)

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Larger version fixed.

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Very nice Sierra scene, and a fine first post. I agree with Mark’s comments. The large version shows this off nicely.

Welcome to NPN, Christian!

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Thank you guys. Im still learning the basics of this site. Already loving this community :blush:


Wonderful first photo. Welcome to NPN. It is a great learning environment. The Sierras are majestic and this photo show that well.

This spot is pretty killer. Way cool! No idea how to comment on photos in this section tbh. Could see a slight down tilt to comp; less sky+breathing room at bottom. Bit too hdr for my taste here but see where youre going with it. Can def see why this spot is a fav. Badass!