Smoky Mountains Gobbler II

Hi All,

Here’s another turkey, except this one is front-lit. I believe this was shot on the same morning as my previous post. The background is also the “smoky” ground fog.

In post, I cropped a bit, did a curves adjustment, resized, and sharpened the bird. Oh, I also cloned out a stray branch invading the right side of the frame. All C&C welcome.

200-400 + 1.4x TC @ 490mm
ISO 1000

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A very unique looking bird. I really like the pose with a slight turn towards you and the nice low angle with lots of room around him. Well done on all the detail and all the colors.

I also like the pose. It’s nice to have such a clean background but I am wondering if the color is true. The color seems a bit saturated for fog. I would like to see more detail in the blacks on the bird.

Nice vantage point and a very pleasant overall setting and BG. It looks to me as if the contrast and color have been pushed bit too far? I, personally, would opt for a smoother version with a little less contrast and saturation. Cheers, Hans

Thanks, @David_Leroy, @Terri_Barnett, and @Hans_Overduin. Looks like the saturation got pushed too much during the curves adjustment, and I didnt catch it before posting. Always dangerous to edit in a hurry! Background is untouched. Fog is obscuring the tree line, which is one of the things I like about the shot. It shows the “smoke” in the Smoky Mountains. The below is less electric!

Love this scene Lyle with the bird calling at the top of the ridge and the foggy background. The repost looks more natural so I’ll give a nod to the rework you did.