Snow in Ponderosas

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Ooh, I love this color combo. It’s classic. For some reason, I’m not keen on those two trunks touching the left and right sides of the frame. I imagine you wanted them to frame the scene, but they make it feel heavy to me, when otherwise it’s light and airy. It’s lovely.


I really like this, Chris. The positioning of the trees is perfect and with trees framing each side. Nice! I like the colors and the misty look to it as well. Excellent!


Wonderful!! The branches at the top echo the bushes/brush at the bottom but the latter is appropriately visually subdued so it doesn’t degrade the neighborhood, so to speak! i LOVE how the more distant trees fall off into the haze! Trees on the edges don’t bother me but I can see there might be alternative versions. I think this is exceptional!!


@David_Bostock @Diane_Miller @Bonnie_Lampley Thank you for your wonderful comments!

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This image grabbed my eye and holds my attention , Chris. I get lost in its depth and ephemeral feel. Well done!

Wonderful capture, Chris. Looks like a place I’d love to be lost in. The mist/fog make it feel like a calm safe place. Very nicely done.

@linda_mellor @Ric_Federico Thank you very much for expressing your thoughts about the photo.

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Chris, the wall of reddish trunks fading into the distance looks great. This looks like a great walking in the woods in a snow storm experience.

Ahhh wonderful. The two big trees to frame is an interesting choice. They are a big presence that is opposite the rest of the softer trees fading into the back. Nice. Do you have any with less foreground bushes and higher perspective into the tree tops? That might be worth taking a look at. You could also do some sculpting in the trees themselves with some dodging/burning and/or luminosity masking. I bet it would add some subtle drama.

I love this, Chris! It makes me want to go exploring through this forest that seems to go on forever!

@Mark_Seaver @Kris_Smith @Vanessa_Hill I appreciate your feedback.

Chris - I love this too - reminds me of Central Oregon - and I love the juxtaposition of the red ponderosa trunks against the snow. I think I would crop out the trees on the left and right border - just to see what that looks like. Otherwise I love it.

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@amy10 It is in Central Oregon. Deschutes National Forest near the Metolius River.

This is a dreamy scene. Metolius has some of the country’s most beautiful ponderosa stands. And then you get out there in a snowfall, with perfect shutter speed and aperture to bring us THIS!

Like many terrific photographs, one can find images within the image.

I find the left and right trees, well … ponderous, and not re-enforcing the dreamy emotions of the rest of the image. I tried to play with and listen to the image and ended up with this crop. I also reduced saturation and added lightness to the top and bottom of the right-side tree.

Looks good. I like it.

Awesome mood in this image, Chris. Love the softness the fog adds to the scene. Congratulations!

Absolutely beautifully done, Chris. Congratulations.

Hi Chris.
Your Image is really beautiful and I like how you handled the colours. In the forest the seperation of the trees is not that easy. On the left side and on the right side it is very well sorted, but the overlapping trees in the middle tend to distract my vision just a bit. Overall the Image is very beautiful and I would be happy to have it on my harddrive :wink:
keep going

@PhilippJakesch @linda_mellor @J_Fritz_Rumpf Thank you for your kind comments.