Snowliage # 2

Autumn 2020 photo project - taken 10/30/20 in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

The next image in the series from our record October snowfall. The snow was heavy and wet, and coated the trees in a thick layer of white. I found this tree which had fewer leaves than my prior post, but I liked how it showed more of the snow covered tree trunk and branches. Again I tried to simplify things by zooming in with a telephoto, in order to concentrate on the shapes of the branches.

“Snowliage” = Snow + Autumn Foliage

Specific Feedback Requested

any critique or comments are welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D MKIV, 180mm, ISO 640, 1/50 sec at f11

Increased Whites in Snow (I’m paranoid about blown highlights), warmer WB

Rework #2 Increased whites in snow, but keeping cooler background


The shapes are great as is the distribution of leaves. The snow looks a bit underexposed though. I like how it’s only on some of the trunks - great contrast. I, too, am captivated by small slices like this.

An excellent framing choice from the big picture. I too would brighten the snow a bit.


I did not comment on the last image in this series. Both are really unique looks at conditions we do not see very often.
I really appreciate seeing the trees in combination with the foliage in this scene. Really nice structure, good balance and the colors look spot on for me.
I am the contrarian and think the snow exposure and WB is appropriate for the overcast lighting conditions.

Edi like the second image as it is more dynamic. I really like how you isolate the essence of the scene in this series.

Ed.To me the second image is the right one. In the first the snow is to blue. Maybe to show how cold it was, it doesn’t work for me. Snow is white as in the second and shows enough cold to me. And in the second the colors are more in balance. Great composition.

Ed, this is a wonderful image and an exceptional series. Together, these images would make a compelling monograph. As to this one, I like the snow in the second image being white but I wonder what that would look like if you left the background as you have it in the first image (perhaps pulled back just a bit). I think that blue cast has an artistic appeal in the way blue works with the reds and greens.

Beautiful image and scene!! Before reading any of the comments, I was thinking exactly what @Kerry_Gordon suggested about brightening the snow and leaving the background a little overcast and dreary. It is so nice it works however you present it. Quite a fine image.

Thanks for reposting. For me this is an interesting example of the different moods created by each version. I think both have their merits. @Kerry_Gordon and@Harley_Goldman offer a good option to leave the background dreary. I find that dreary blue mood very appealing in this scene.

@Harley_Goldman @Kris_Smith @Kerry_Gordon @Mario_Cornacchione @Ben_van_der_Sande @Alan_Kreyger @Ronald_Murphy

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts. I bow to the semi-collective wisdom of NPN, and have posted a second rework (back up top), which has the brighter snow, but retains the cooler background. I think this is a good compromise on this very subjective aspect of the image. The added color contrast from the cooler background helps separate the tree better I think.


Rework #2 is spot on Ed. The brightening of the whites and cool tones in the background work well together.

I’m partial to version 2, but any of them work. I love how you arranged the major trunks and branches in the frame.

beautiful scene. I think you nail it with the 3 rd version.
Love the composition.

Ed, your last version is spot on to my eye. I enjoy exploring all the diverse structures and colors.


@Eva_McDermott @Bonnie_Lampley @joaoquintela @Peter_Richter

thank you all for your comments, glad you enjoyed it. It is interesting how small tweaks can really matter sometimes.

Rework #2. No suggestions beyond that. Lovely image.

Rework #2 for me. Looks great.

I’ve enjoyed them all, but believe this is my favorite so far. The trunk lines backed up by the wonderful fall color backed up by the hazy background is a delightful layer on layer on layer. The snow just takes it right over the top. I too think that Rework #2 is the winner for me. Wonderful image Ed.

The two reworked images are surely excellent but I still prefer the original more pictorial

Thank you Giuseppe. What do you mean by the term “pictorial”, and what is that makes you prefer the original image?