Soar With the Vultures! & repost

It was awesome! On one of my favorite hikes where some Turkey Vultures live they always love to ride the thermals and usually fly around and pass me as I’m climbing and trying to run up the steep cliffs to anticipate where they’ll be so I can capture them in flight. I always feel like I’m visiting good old friends.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 400
Slight crop to center the vulture. Also adjusted shadows and exposure slightly.

Well done Vanessa. I like the full flight pose and the diagonal positioning of the big bird in the frame. The high key also works to accentuate the feathers. Interesting how on the wings those two short feathers are in the same location. Perhaps there is a reason for that. Just a small suggestion on your camera settings and I know you are always on the move. For flight shots I suggest a bit higher shutter speed. So an ISO of 800 and a ss of 1/2000 may be a another option to think about.

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Nice soaring shot, Vanessa. The wing position is great and I like the head turn. You must have been good and close to get this at 300 mm.

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Thank you so very much for that tip! That’s so awesome! I’m not sure about the short feathers but I know that it might have something to do with their ability to glide without flapping for long distances. I definitely need to look that up! BTW, how do the badges work? There’s so many people I want to give badges to, you included. But I don’t know what the flog is…

Thank you! Glad you like my Turkey Vulture! Yeah, they do fly close! This is a bit cropped. I always have my zoom at it’s max but there are times when the Vulture has come so close that it overfill the frame, which is an awesome experience!

Oh, BTW Dennis, did you notice that there’s a bit of light in the eye! I was so excited when I saw this. I didn’t think any of my Vulture pictures had this. I know it’s probably not the best picture ever, there’s a better one out there. But I was so excited to see that it is possible to capture this in the wild.

Hi Vanessa,

This is a charming look at one of our avian scavengers. The pose and comp look good. There’s a small amount of purple fringing on the portion of the wing closest to the bottom of the frame. Detail has been lost due to the crop and shooting at higher shutter speed may help with the crispness. Catchlight is very nice and hope to see more of these flight shots…Jim

Hi Vanessa, I’ll add to the suggestions above by suggesting an alternative composition. Rather than centering the bird, allow more room on the left to give the bird space to move in to.
Really like the wing position and spread tail . Nice capture.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your advice and feedback! So I’m reposting with a crop like Allen mentioned and also on this one I haven’t done any adjustments on the original exposure… Jim, do you think the purple is also because my camera settings weren’t right? Like I might have needed a higher iso? …

This one is almost like the original just with a tad cropped off from the right…