Social Media - NPN

Hey all - I know a lot of the appeal of the resurrection of NPN is to create our own network, but I’ve noticed NPN doesn’t have an IG account ( and just found the FB account). Might be a great way to try and reach more folks and get them over here on NPN. I’d gladly promote and rep NPN especially when I post work I finish with the help of the forums.

I also think it would rad to maybe feature editors picks/weekly challenges along with the articles from contributors, just a way to also promote other aspects of the site.

FYI - this wasn’t meant to open a can of worms… That’s for another post lol. And if there is an IG account already, I’ll keep quiet :wink:


Just bumping this topic - anyone have any input?

Sorry I completely missed this! I had reservations about creating an Instagram account for NPN since it is a little anti social media, but I think you make some valid points and have good ideas to help promote the site and the members work. I will definitely give this some more thought this week, thank you!


To me it seems generally like a good idea despite the anti social media sentiment. Lots of people seemed to have come here after some contributors pushed it on their social media platforms.