Solo + Repost

This one is from central Utah back in October. I played with cropping the top, but decided I like it better as is.

D810, 70-200mm

I love this shot, Harley. That little tree stands out nicely against the red rock formation. I like that the left portion of the rock that is cracked, is almost mirroring the shape of the tree. There is just so much shapes and lines in this. Much to enjoy. :+1: :+1:

A really nice find on this one, Harley. Some interesting colors going on there with the varnish or sandstone varieties taking place overall. I’m always impressed to see how certain plant life can take hold and hang on in the most precarious places such as this one. In this case a good sized pine tree too… :+1::sunglasses:
I could go with a crop from the top for alternate look there. Down to just above the large etching or erosion area starts might be the ticket. Regardless, maybe a slight boost in sat / cont / vibr for a bit more pop overall?.. :thinking:

This is a very interesting composition and I do like all of the various tones of red, yellow and orange, I am particularly drawn to the yellow splash of color leading diagonally up to the ULC, I find it interesting but not distracting. Also the colors are quite subdued (by Utah standards) in this light and I find that unique. Saturation could be bumped but I am enjoying this as is!
Well done!

Thanks for the comments and @Paul_Breitkreuz and @Alan_Kreyger, the suggestions. I added a repost (done on a new uncalibrated iMac - so let me know if anything looks off to you). Real good suggestions. Thanks

Harley, I do like the repost with the additional pop!

I prefer the second image but you could bump the sat a tad. Pleasant lines and textures.

Much improved processing on the second one, Harley. Looks really good now… :+1: :+1:

Harley, First off great eye to spot and isolate this very intriguing scene. I like the way the rock face mirrors the shape of the lone pine and I find the warm tones of the cliff face very appealing especially the varnish. It appears as though someone flipped their paint brush against the wall. I prefer the repost with a small caveat; I like the whites better in the LRC of the original. Either way this is thoroughly enjoyable.

Ho @Harley_Goldman, nice shot. I love the contrast between the subject and the background. Very inspiring image.

Well seen Harley. This is very pretty. I prefer the punch of the second image. Processing looks good but I would burn down the brightness along the frame edges at bottom. I find my eyes being drawn there away from the central portion of the image.