Solomon’s Beads

The photograph is a result of walking aimlessly. No particular destination, I’ll get somewhere but for now I’m enjoying the path I’m on. No particular reason for wandering, I might find something along the way. No particular schedule, I’ll know when I’m done when I’m done. No particular subjects to photograph in mind, I’ll let my gaze wander as it might. That was the setting for this image.

Technical Details

Composite: No
iPhone 8, ProCamera App. I really can’t say I edited or processed the image, but I did bring it up with LightRoom Mobile app on an iPad Pro and pushed sliders here and there waiting for something to catch my eye.

You are seeing the result of all this randomness.


Great tone and clarity Paul - the contrast between the water drops and the leaf coloring made me stop for a better look . . . and I’m glad I did.

I like very much your approach for having a good time with your camera. With that open mind spirit you will enjoy every minute, and sometimes you will have an image with you back home and sometimes not. But it doesn´t matter! This time you got a great image!

Thank you Dan, I very much appreciate you positive comment. The color is a tone on the middle grays of a B&W image. The iPhone never ceases to amaze me, and the Apps available provide control over aperture, shutter speed, ISO, EV +/-, and more. LightRoom (Mobile) for iPhones and iPads is getter better and better. I suspect that there will be a time that Light Room (Mobile) and Light Room Classes (Desktop) will be one. Again, thanks for stopping “for a better look”. If you have questions about iPhone photography, let me know.


Thank you for your kind words. You are utan tvekan rätt! I believe that if you can approach with an open mind and spirit to enjoy every minute, your work will not convey that same spirit. I’ve come home with a lot of electrons locked on a chip, but absolutely no photographs. But that time to rejoice since it means it’s time to go back another day.

I’ve been to Malmö, Sweden. My daughter and family lived in Göteborg for three years and we spent summers with them. It was our base to visit other parts of Sweden, as well as a jump-off for excursions to various parts of Europe. We loved being in you country especially the people.