Some reprocessing

I went back and reprocessed a couple of older images recently, from 2015 and 2016. It’s always nice to go back and touch up older images of scenes that still deserve a spot in the gallery but can be cleaned up a bit once you go back with a stronger eye. I would share the originals if it didn’t require digging up an older harddrive. Feeling lazy… But I feel like as time goes by, the way I handle color and saturation are what have changed the most. The older versions were very warm, with slight color casts, harsher contrast, and the light was much more saturated.

Finally got around to adding the original versions here:


I love the motion of the water in both of these and the lovey landscape scenery. Shapes come into mind viewing these, totally awwsome

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Thanks a lot, Dean! Glad you enjoy them both. Different than the scenes I have been shooting lately but I am still fond of them nonetheless.

Eric, I really enjoyed looking at these images. Interesting how we look at things differently and how we would process them a few years later. Thanks for posting these. Beautiful images.