Sony DSLR vs Mirrorless

My trusty Sony A77II is approaching 40000 frames and while it is still working flawlessly I do want to go to full frame with my next camera. I’m considering the A99II (although since it has been discontinued it’s getting harder to find a new one) or an A7RIII. I don’t really need the capabilities of the A7RIV and the A7RIII promises to save me some $$$ although the cost of the A99II and the A7RIII with the A-mount adapter is very similar. I don’t shoot much video so still image quality is what I’m after. I have many thousands of dollars invested in A-mount lenses and have full frame coverage from 24mm to 400mm and also have 100mm and 200mm macro lenses. My concern is with how well the A-mount lenses will perform on an A7RIII with an adapter. I really do not want to buy a bunch of E-mount lenses unless I win the lottery and since I don’t play that may be a problem. Any specific or philosophical input most welcome. >=))>

Did you drop a zero on that frame count, Bill? Us bird photographers think of 40000 as just getting started with a new camera. On the more serious side, the thing I’d check into is the manual focus features of the A7RII with the a mount lenses. There’s a feature on the e-mount cameras that you can set to give you a magnified image when you go to manual focus, but I discovered it wouldn’t work with my Canon lenses and an adapter. I don’t know if it would work with a-mount, but it’s sure a handy feature for floral and macro. I’m not sure about the image quality, but I suspect there isn’t any significant degradation since Sony is known for giving great results with antique lenses from lots of manufacturers given the appropriate adapter.

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