Southern Utah s unrise

I recently spent some time in Southern Utah. The air was very hazy. Apparantly it is common now, since one of the lookouts in Canyonlands had a sign explaining why it is so hazy most of the time. It is difficult to get a good shot in the distance of anything outside of the golden hours because the haze makes the sky and distant mountains look very muddy . Anyway, this shot turned out well. Maybe the haze made the sunrise sky more intense. Who knows?

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments and suggestions appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D IV, EF 70-200 II L lens at 70 mm, slightly cropped, ISO 100, 2.0 sec, f 16

Haze or not, this is a great image, Tony. The sunrise is glorious in an under stated way. Your processing also accentuated this, I am sure.

The haze gives it a mood that works for me – lovely!! I wonder about a slightly darker and more detailed sky?

And does the sign say the haze is due to pollution, forest fires, and/or something else?

However, I think the haze was your friend here, it creates a gradient of sharpness to softness in the image that works well. I agree with @Diane_Miller about tweaking the sky for a little more detail and texture in the clouds.

From the Canyonlands website: “Many visitors to Canyonlands don’t see the clear vistas they expect. A haze often hangs in the air, and most of this haze is not natural: it is air pollution, carried on the wind from distant coal-fired power plants and other industrial facilities.”

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Beautiful colors even with the haze, Tony. Unfortunately I think the haze is going to be the norm now unless we changes our ways and do it quickly. :angry:This scene has a nice balance of warm and cool tones throughout.