Spotted Towhee

Not on the ground…
Note iso 12800
Probably the same Towhee as in the image in Human & Fauna.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 12800, 400 + 2x, f5.6, 1250th, fill at +2 (yes, plus 2; my Godox flash is low powered), A7R4, 50% full frame

Very nice, David. Looks like you could dispense with the 2x in this case. Detail is just as good as the one you posted in Human and Fauna. I like the rocky perches.

It is a nice pose out in the open… iso shows but still a nice look at this bird.

These eyes caught my attention immediately David. The color and detail and fantastic. Always amazed how “mother nature” plans these beautiful colors. Nicely seen and captured>

I really like the nice alert pose and lovely green bg. Amazing what can now be achieved at such a high ISO. A good looking Spotted Towhee.

Wonderful catch in a very nice setting. Good pose with great detail!

Nice and clean image, the bird seems a little surprised - fun image to watch ! Well done, Cheers, Hans