Used tele lens for image intentionally out-of-focus.
Olympus EM-1x 300 mm f/4 1/400 ISO 200

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Very creative and artistic, Ola. I love the colors and the out of focus leaves and grass (I’m guessing). Well done.

My, you must have had fun as these images formed in your viewfinder and computer screen!
The abstract you presented is subtly colored, almost certainly vegetation, and invites the eye to explore 3 or 4 areas. Coool stuff!
Because this is an abstract, every viewer will react in a personal way, so any of my observations below are my personal, non-authoritative thoughts.
One choice you could have made would be to increase the saturation. The result is arguably less mysterious, but, to me, more interesting.

Another observation is that the left side and right side are both intriguing, but so different, that I found myself going back and forth a bit. One option is to create two images, and frame them as a diptych. I went a step further and inverted the left side … hey, I said these remarks are personal.
The somewhat well defined flower/leaf on the right edge is a little distracting to me, so I blurred it a bit.


A piece of Art !!

Balan Vinod

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Ola: I love this kind of stuff because you can’t go wrong and you get unique images that cannot ever be duplicated. I like Diane’s variations also. Well seen, conceived and presented. >=))>

Lovely Art! I like the subtle tonal variations and the hint of vegetation. I also like Dick’s variations. Very well conceived and done.

@Shirley_Freeman, @Dick_Knudson, @Balan_Vinod, @Bill_Fach and @ravi, thank you for your kind words. I also like this one very much, especially since it is an in-camera work and not post-processing art. Dick, I blurred the leaf on the right edge slightly, but you are right it should have been more.
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