Spring Colors

This image was processed with Canon DPP.
ISO 1600, Tv1/640, Av 5.6
Canon T7i, 100-400 f4.5-5.6L @ 285mm

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Duane, this is a an interesting study of the subtle colors of spring foliage, it’s very nicely done. I think you have done a great job on the processing of this image, you got good color separation between green and yellow, and as a resulthave a lot of interesting tones of those colors in this scene. The use of restrained color saturation also helps bring out the variety of those color tones as well. Having an odd number of the yellow trees also helps make for a more visually pleasing image as well.

In terms of suggested tweaks to this image, I would do a couple things that would place more emphasis on the group of the three trees. There is a sunlit branch in the upper right corner (URC), and bright objects near the edges of the frame can create minor distractions. I would crop from the top and the right to eliminate that branch. A crop like this would also tighten up the composition a little, and place more emphasis on the three trees. I would also suggest using a strong vignette to darken the frame edges, again to create more emphasis on the trees in the center of the image. If you don’t mind, I downloaded it and did a rework that illustrates my comments.

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Thank you Ed, your insight has been helpful. You mentioned the saturation, that was something I struggled with. I tried several versions with more, but decided it made to much color contrast. Looking closer at the edges, I think the bright limb on the right central edge should be burned a little also.

Yes performing border patrol is very important, a habit one should get into. Yes, I would also burn down the tree and leaves on the right of the cropped image. My adding of the vignette made the relative brightness of that more of distraction than it was in the original post.