Springfield Locust

Any thoughts you may have on composition, color, and/or contrast will be helpful.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200 @ 70mm
f-16 @1/13, ISO 200
ACR, PSCC and Tk’s luminosity masks.
Cloned out a stump in the foreground.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :slight_smile:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Beautiful array of color and a peaceful and tranquil scene. Maybe darken down the upper right background a bit, but minor stuff. Looks real nice.

Preston, for me the upper part of the scene is the real draw. The array of colors and the arches of the top canopies works nicely. With that all said I found the more I cropped from the bottom the more of that upper focal point worked for me. So, maybe a crop mid way into the rocks for just another different look. No nits, just kicking ideas around…:sunglasses:

The view looking down the hill to capture the colorful scene is not the usual perspective . If possible, could a canopy of the larger tree branches be included as a frame for the lower trees . As an alternative, do you have a horizontal.

I was on a road above with a barbed wire fence–I will not enter private property without permission, so I did the best I could. There was distracting blank sky above the trees, and no overarching branches, so I cropped the sky while trying to retain the nice curve of the branch on the right. I did not make a horizontal version.


A nice image, but I’m not feeling this one as much as most of your others. I see a couple crops, either top or bottom to help simplify. At the top, the bright green in the bg and the heavy branch UR take a little away from the leaf-covered grounds. Although I do like Paul’s crop suggestion. Alternatively, cropping out the heavy branch URC brings the autumn leaf cover and rock (looks like remnants of old Chinese-built wall?) more prominence.

Processing, I know the light was diffused, but I think the yellow in the middle could be bumped up a little and some of the trunks and branches have lost detail in their darkness.

Given your followup comments, no doubt this was the best compromise in composition and inclusion of th e elements.


It’s a bit confusing Paul. When you click on the download link you’re not actually downloading the image. You get an image displayed that CAN be downloaded. You then right click that image and do a ‘Save As’ to actually download it. Hope that helps. @Paul_Breitkreuz

Preston, I like this more than you previous image. The parts are balanced and hold together well. I like the tree coming in from the left. I think it adds a lot.

Igor, thank you for making this point clear. It’s been awhile now and I’m sure I missed the step you stated here…:thinking:

Beautiful arrangement of subtle warm colors and textures, Preston. Processing looks good except I would be inclined to dodge the yellow locust leaves to bring more focus this tree. I could also see cropping a bit of the foreground.

Love the placement of the trunks and the curves in the branches. Together they provide an interesting structure to frame the colorful leaves. A clever and thoughtful composition that I am enjoying very much.

Nice image. I wouldn’t crop. My only nit is that I would slightly darken the light green poking through the trees in the upper right.