Stalkers in the Marsh

Hi All,

Trying something outside of the box today. Was taking some silhouettes of this snowy egret in Chincoteague when a great egret stalked through the scene. I kind of liked this one where the great egret’s head is a bit of a surprise in the BG. Interested to see whether people think it’s too distracting or just doesn’t work in general.

In post, I added some canvas to the left, cropped in a bit from the right, darkened the darks, warmed up the photo a bit, and dodged the illuminated plumage on the snowy. All C&C welcome.

700mm, tripod, kneeling in shin deep salt water
ISO 500

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Hi Lyle
The dynamic range of a camera can’t match the eye but, I do think bring up some of the detail in the background, can bring the photo closer to what you see in the field. I have look at a number of photograph were a white bird is popping out of a black back-ground and the bird looks great. That said, this is a well framed and shot photograph.

I masked out the two Egrets and increased the exposure of grass by +.5 in DxO PhotoLab.

Hi Lyle. I like your concept and I think the birds are about right. I tend to think Peter has a good Idea, but I would only go about 1/4 to 1/2 that far. It’s starting to look a bit odd to my eye. I’m also not sure about all the gold highlights on the bottom. While they’re incredibly cool, I’m not sure they add to this particular image.

Thanks, Dennis. We had very similar thoughts. Here’s a new version, although I kept the water in the bottom of the frame for now.

Perfect job on the background in this version, Lyle. Just enough light to give it some structure.

I like this image Lyle. The repost gives enough light to show us the environment sufficiently while maintaining the mood. I’d keep the water. Interesting image.

Very nice mood in this images, and the repost looks very nice indeed. The only small thing would be the grey in the right UH corner, which competes a bit for attention with the Egret. I would probably try to stamp some of the bright sky in there as well… or at least brighten it a little. Other than that a darn good image ! Cheers, Hans

I’m liking the extra detail and feel of your rework which shows that beautiful backlight but doesn’t feel dull.

Hi Lyle
Ya I think I go with your second posting, with a little darker grass land. Nice work.
Dennis I did adjust the gold highlights or the sky.

Nice capture and lovely rim lighting on the Egret Lyle-I love the re-post! Good work.