Standing Alone

Image: Standing Alone

Description: I erroneously put this image in wrong category. Now it is in the right place. I think that this image should have been titled “Singled Out.” I captured this image at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was among a group of other flowers of the same specie and yellow color. I was the one to isolate from the others. I prefer flower images to be of a single blossom. This was a very bright and deep yellow with a bluish bush in the back ground.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any and all comments welcomed.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Camera: Canon EOS R5. Lens: RF24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM @ 240 mm. f/6.3 for 1/80 sec. ISO: 400. Processed with Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro 3.

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Quite striking! For some reason this makes me think it’s a much bigger flower than it probably is. I think it has nice detail and decent luminosity ranges within the flower itself, however the brightest whites look a bit hot to me on this monitor (A big Dell 4K). There is some haloing on the edges of the petals as well and that might be due to over sharpening. I like the background, it’s dark, but clearly more garden and adds to the feeling of being alone in crowded room kind of thing. Nicely seen.