Star Trails over New Mexico



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Thought I’d share a couple of images from a very recent night shoot that I had wanted to do for a quite a while. This a location in the desert of New Mexico with an old volcanic plug as the foreground object. This location has pretty dark skies so I waited for a nice clear night. We’ve had many hazy days/nights from the wildfires in the west that are so devastating.

The vertical image was captured on my Olympus EM-1 Mark III at 21mm - 38 minutes
The horizontal image was captured on my Olympus EM-1x at 12mm - 45 minutes

Both images were captured using the Live Composite function of the OM-D system.

Hope you enjoy seeing a few star trails over the dark New Mexico skies (and a couple of airplanes :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Nice work Keith! I hadn’t done star trails for years, then I needed to teach them at the Out of Moab conference last week and remembered how much fun they are! Nice work bringing out the color in the stars.