Staring Me Down

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

For some reason when I post photos on almost any website they appear a bit overexposed although they don’t when viewed on the computer alone.


Do you have two monitors, a primary and secondary? I found that photos look much better on my primary, which is a higher end monitor.

We don’t have a separate monitor since there’s just no need given what we do. I normally use an older Dell laptop running Windows 7 but also have a new MacBook. Although many people might disagree I find the color rendition better on the Dell; I’ve tried every color choice on the Mac and none of them come up to the Dell’s color rendition. But, the exposure alone looks the same on both machines so I’m at a loss as to why it looks different on websites – must be my eyes.

Have you done a real hardware calibration on your monitor using something like products from X-Rite or Sypder? If you haven’t done that, then you’re guessing at any colors or brightness. Monitors out of the box are WAY to bright.

Also, when you export your image for any web display are you converting to the sRGB color profile and embedding that profile in the jpeg that is uploaded to the web. If not, again, all color bets are off.

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The eye contact is the keyto this image’s success, I think.
Brightness looks spot on in this.
I agree with other comments, but For an elementary set of brightness and color tools check out