Still Water

This is a scene from Donau-Auen National Park, a riparian forest along the Danube River east of Vienna.

I first posted this image here on NPN ten years ago. Now I did some rework on the masterfile and thought it might be worth to give it a try and present it again.

Comments and critique are appreciated.

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Hi, Peter,

I find the Photo very nice. I think that the layers ice- the reed bed(? is it its name?)-trees make a good composition. Perhaps, for me, the reflected trees on the bottom of the picture are distracting. Nice to see good pictures of the Donau!

Oh Peter, this is so lovely. This so unspectacular and yet so powerful. Good job in seeing. I appreciate how you handled the bottom with the bright area enclosed by reflections that bleed into the frame. You could easily cut the frame off at the level of the bright ice but adding the aforementioned greatly adds to the composition. Sometimes simple isn’t the best choice. Some might bring attention to the log near the left frame but it doesn’t bother me really. I think it’s the color palette that I like so much here. And of course the mood.

Hi Peter! What a beautiful place and you’ve captured it perfectly! I can just feel the peace and calm. I love the ice on the water and how the trees are reflected in the part that’s not iced over yet. Such a great scene!


Don’t remember the original from so many years ago, but man, those trees and cattails haven’t changed a bit! :wink:

Like Igor, this is quite understated but also very enjoyable. All the elements are working here and I especially like the clear reflection at the bottom - at least for me it creates somewhat of a vignette, or at a minimum really helps “contain” everything else. I’m also enjoying the color transition from the cattails to the trees and that hint of magenta in that transition.

The only suggestion I have might be to burn down the URC a tad just for uniformity. Otherwise I’m really enjoying this one. thanks for reposting!


PS. I see that you’ve posted 2 images here in the Landscape Critique as well as the same 2 in the Showcase gallery. I’m sure an oversight, but we try to have a limit of 1 image per category per day/24hrs. Don’t want to be heavy handed, so no biggie… but the Vienna image here has no comments yet and my suggestion would be to leave that one posted in the Showcase section and remove it in the Critique gallery.

Anyway, just a reminder for future posts. Thanks!

Peter, I like this image a lot, it has a nice feel to it. It’s also one of those images that capitalizes on th subtle warm colors that winter vegetation can display. The colors and textures of the vegetation are the most appealing aspects of this image to me , and as @Lon_Overacker , the water and ice "contain the rest of the scene, adding some structure to the image.

I am more of a stickler than most folks for potential distracting elements, especially in corners, or near frame edges. The log in the ice in the lower left corner (LLC) is one of those potential distractions for me. I know it is a nitpick, but I would clone it away. Similarly, there is a a black tree trunk right along the left frame that also draws extra attention. I would re-crop slightly to eliminate it. But these are true nitpicks, overall this one fine image of this intimate winter scene.

I like yoursubject matter, Peter. You have a very strong winter color palette, but I do think the image would be stronger if it was not as busy with the reflection and miscellaneous branch and twig downfall pieces disturbing the early season ice. Having said that, I really do enjoy the quiet calmness and tone you have captured.

I very much agree with the understated beauty. I do wish it was just a little larger so my eye could better explore the details.

Peter, this is a very peaceful and inviting view. The warm golden brown of the reeds on the far bank are the icing on this piece of cake. I also like the mix of ice and reflections. They add well to the “your are here” feeling.