Stilt in Spotlight

I was hoping that the stilt was gonna come closer but it landed shortly after this shot. Ideally, there would be no shadows on the bird but until then I take what I can get.

D500, 500mm, 1/2000, ISO 250, f/5

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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That’s quite the spotlight effect, Adhika. The flying water drops are a neat addition.

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Wow, another terrific in flight capture. Excellent!

Not sure what what shadow’s you’re referring to? Maybe the wings? I think this is great as captured and presented with the bird flying right in to that spotlight.


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Thanks, @Mark_Seaver and @Lon_Overacker! I am glad that the image is working.

Lon, the shadow that I am referring to is of the (bird’s) right wing on its body. It’s probably nitpicking but I think the image would be stronger if the transition is somehow softer.

Mark, unfortunately those were bugs and not water droplets. I guess Summer is indeed here in Southern California. Shooting this while sitting on a pile of duck poop was not quite fun.

Dramatic lighting which works really well, Adhika. Ok it might have been nice to have had the wings better lit but the mystery of the image at first sight might then have been lost - swings and roundabouts !!

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A very nice in-flight capture, Adhika! There’s a surprising amount of definition of the dark wings against the dark background and I love the bright light on the body. The large version is particularly nice. I love the mood of this type of low angle spot lighting.

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