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The City Eagle are back and sitting on eggs. This is my first try at using CaptureOne, is not as straight forward as DXO Photo Lab, but does offer some interesting controls in layers. Now I only have to learn how to use them.
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Canon R5, Canon100-500mm & 1.4ext, f10, 700mm, 1/1600, ISO 5000. The shot was taken on March 6 at 8 AM.

Raw File

_S1A0690.CR3 (41.1 MB)

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My Edit (click to see)

Hi Peter,
Well, I gave re-processing your raw file a try. My main goal was to highlight the eagle more by raising the shadows under its wings, and a bit of increased exposure. I also darkened the areas around the eagles, including burning the tree limbs left and right of the eagles. I darkened the bright green pine needles too. Some noise reduction (via Topaz DeNoise) and some additional sharpening of the head areas.
I think this version needs more punch, however.
Anyway, another version for your consideration!

Hi Mark
I like what you did with the shot, maybe just a little more saturation on the Eagles?

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Yes, more saturation on the Eagle for sure!! It definitely looks way too blah here!