Storm Break at the Narrows

This is one of my favorite landscapes of the year. It was take the day after a big snow storm in January . The storm clouds were breaking up and the sun was breaking through to partially light the Mountains and water. I shot this from the dock at Valdez, Alaska but the mountains in the back are approximately 10 miles away so I use my 70-200 to get a closer view.

Sony a6500, FE70200GM @ 113 mm, ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/125, hand held.

That is some beautiful light and a great scene. I might be tempted to crop up from the bottom to above the wind riffle, but looks real nice as presented.

Gary, this shot really shines in the larger view. I like the way you create a long view across the lake to the mountains and clouds. The glow of the lower cloud bank pull this all together. It might also work well in b&w, however, I like the touches of blue and the bit of warmth in the bright clouds as seen here.

Gary, a killer touch of light in this one. As cold as things appear out there, this almost seems to have a touch of warmth in away…:sunglasses:

Superb light and those clouds add an air of mystery to the scene as they hide some of the mountain peaks, Gary. I like Harley’s small crop suggestion. Another small tweak would be to clone out the couple of black specks on the water. Minor stuff as this is lovely.