Stormy sunrise

With very little hope because of cloudy sky, I went out at 5h30 to get what I could at sunrise. I was on vacation on the Magdelen Islands (QC, Canada) and only had my little Sony RX100 and a flimsy tripod.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Processed with On1 Photo RAW.
RX-100, ISO 125, f/11, ⅓ sec. @10.4mm (eq. ± 28 mm on FF)

VERY nice shot. All of those textures, and the lighting, that silhouetted foreground. What a package.

Thanks Dave!
Glad you like it. Five minutes after this shot rain started pouring down.

The depth to the clouds is fantastic.

Thanks Brian! Lucky to have had that breach in cloud cover.

Gilbert, Welcome!

This is quite a stormy scene. Those clouds are intense. And like you said, the breach letting all the light through is very cool.
Great to see you here and looking forward to seeing more of your images.