Strolling on a Snowy Day

It was a windy winter day in Yellowstone National Park. I was just at the edge of an outcropping of trees when winds whipped up a small white-out. As sat watching there emerged this lone Bison. As he kept strolling toward me, I composed this image. I converted to B&W and found that I liked it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any insights and perspectives would be appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon EOS 1D X Mark III
Lens - Sigma 160-600mm (this image 600mm)
ISO 1000


Excellent portraiture of this snow laden bison, Michael. The B&W presentation was a perfect choice too… :+1:
This brought back a fond and also scary encounter I had eye to eye with one of these guys during spring weather years ago. While photographing a area I failed to see the approaching herd. It was in the Mormon Row area… :crazy_face:

Michael, it’s a classic winter subject and an ideal subject for black and white, IMO. I like that you got one that looks sufficiently cold and frosty (the frozen fur provides some great texture) and big enough to look imposing. :wink:

I do think that one of the fun things about monochrome conversions is that they can be handled in any number of ways. I would opt for a for a higher contrast look here (in which the dark tones are bolder), so the bison pops against the background even more, but there are obviously a variety of directions one could go here.

Really like the head on pose and details in the Bison. It may be possible to extract some more details in the whites.
If you like you may add some canvas on both left and right side horizontally.

Great look at the majestic beast. I played with increasing the contrast and I like it as presented. Adding some space around the edges would work nicely, but it looks excellent as presented. Really well done.

Really nice!! Great composition on this; he fits just right into a vertical crop, and it emphasizes his shape. He is looking right at you, too.
I really like how you processed this. The blacks aren’t super dark, which is what some people suggested, but I think the way you did this gives a good feel for the cold wintry feel of the park.
Well done!