Strong as the wind

The wind was blowing impetuous and the cold, despite the spring, was made to that share, penetrating as needles on my face and hands. Suddenly, between pine and beaches, the most beautiful tree, a century beech that with all its strength resisted the wind. It’s been there for about 200 years and the weather has shaped its shapes, but it made it the strongest and characteristic, a true gladiator of the woods.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Filter ND 6 Stop and CPL


A great tree indeed!

Beautiful motion created by the wind on the leaves, Antonio. The beech tree clearly is standing tall, despite the weather. Perhaps a lesson for us all. Thank you for sharing this lovely image with NPN.

Thanks a lot. The beech is not afraid of anything, and it is true that it should take an example from it.

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Thank you very much Ola

Antonio, this is a wonderful piece of subjective nature photography to me. I admire your creative approach to convey the personality of this tree.

Thank you so much for your nice thought