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This is a rather iconic scene here in NC/TN. This is part of the Appalachian Trail as it courses over several balds in the area. This is Jane Bald looking at Round Bald and Roan High Mountain beyond. There is often a hoard of photographers that descend on these balds in early June as the Catawba Rhododendron bloom making for rather spectacular scenery. I’ve not captured this iconic shot well in the past and actually thought this particular sunset was a bit of a skunk. However, the more I worked with the file, the more I grew to appreciate the subdued scene you see here. Not sure how “happy” this shot is, but it certainly speaks to me. All thoughts/comments/reactions are welcome.

Focus stacked and composited from 2 sky images (1 for sun, 1 for some clouds) all taken on same shoot. Nikon D810; Nikkor24-70 f/2.8 at 31mm f/5.6; 1/40sec;

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I don’t smell any skunk with this scene! This is beautiful. I like how the soft glowing pastel color in the sky compliments the color of the Rhodies. The mist rising from the background balds adds some nice interest as well.

I need to get back to this location. I went a few years ago, but was there too late for the rhododendron bloom. The flame azaleas were in bloom, but I had a hard time finding a composition that didn’t include houses in the background. I guess that’s what the clone tool is for. :grinning:

A classic Smokies shot for sure, and very nicely captured. I agree with @Brian_Schrayer - no skunk here at all. From the Rhodies moving outward this image is gorgeous. The color of the Rhodies is exquisite as is the sky color. The mist only adds to the mood. I’m not sure sure the FG rocks add anything to the scene at all though.

I think the purple azaleas and the pink sky works beautifully here, Jim. I also like the fog in the distance and how the sun is included in this image. I am somewhat in agreement with Bill about the FG rock. It feels like a disconnected element but at the same time I enjoy the texture there a lot.

There are a number of things to love about this image. The trail leading to the mist is great, and the sky is a beautiful blend of dark and bright. I as well like the way the crop on the left worked out and balanced the right.
Too bad about the twig sticking up over the far mountains, but I think this is brilliant.

I like this a lot Jim. The rocky path is a nice lead into the scene. The exposure looks well balanced overall.

@Brian_Schrayer - you’ll have to keep trying. There aren’t many houses in view between Round Bald and Grassy Ridge. Give them a try if you haven’t already.

Thanks @Bill_Chambers and @Adhika_Lie …if you were to go to Jane Bald, you’d see that the rock provides a sense of place. There are rock faces like this over many of the balds in WNC/TN and are distinctive to the region/area.

@Chris_Percival and @Eva_McDermott, thanks for your comments.

I rather like the composition of this, Jim - including the fg rocks. The lead through from them via the flowers to the distant, misty hills and that beautiful sky all combine to make a lovely image. The cyan cast in the sky and hills also complements the purple of the flowers nicely.

This is not a skunk at all, Jim. The FG rock directs the eye very nicely to the rhodies and the layering ridgelines of the mountains in the BG. The wispy clouds along that ride provide some wonderful atmospherics and I am thoroughly enjoying the way the sky starts out with blue tones on the left and gradually turns to warm tones. Outstanding image!