Suburban sunrise + re-post

You’re right Michael, I messed up - posted the wrong version - have reposted with the lines removed.

Not sure if this photo goes here or in “landscape,”? Feel free to move if necessary.
Saw this doe early a couple of mornings ago and just had to try to capture the moment.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

It was still dark and took the photo hand held (not my preferred method). I set the iso to auto to get as much light as possible, but obviously got noise. I did some noise reduction in LR and removed the electrical/telephone wires which were strung behind the deer. Any thoughts on how to make this sharper?? Any other comments welcome.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I like the silhouette effect and I did crop 1:1 to remove a bit of the right side and bottom. Does the square size work for the topic? Any other thoughts/comments?

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D7200, f/16, 1/20 sec., iso 640, @80mm, hand held.

Can’t tell from the web size example but doesn’t look too bad sharpness wise for being 1/20 @ 80mm handheld. I think I would crop a little more from sky and bottom and make the bottom go total silhouette. I ran it through Nik Define at default settings and that removed most of the noise out of the sky.

Wanted to add I looked at this again and I notice quite a few places where you missed the wires with your cloning.

Thanks for your thought Michael. Haven’t used Nik Define but am checking into it now. Sounds like a great tool.

It came with the Nik collection of tools when it was a free download. That’s the only reason I use it. Some other company owns it now can’t remember the name or price. I don’t know if the free download is still available anywhere or not.

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Hi Linda. This is a reasonable place to post this image. I’m still seeing the lines, but I don’t mind them. It actually provides more of a sense of place than removing them. I’m thinking I prefer this to removing some of the bottom as it provides a subtle sense of the hill and a faint hint of a red carpet leading to the deer. I’m not seeing an objectionable level of noise in this.

Thanks Dennis. I think I wasn’t very clear about the electrical/telephone lines I’d removed. I only removed the ones that were crossing the street and were right behind the does head. The others, on the left hand side, I did leave on purpose because of your very comment about “a sense of place.” Also agree about the “hill,” I felt it also added to the environment where this deer is living. Thanks again, appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Thanks for the explanation, Linda. A very cool image.

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Nik filters are currently published by DxO and are no longer free…
Nik Define works very well as do many other filters.
Are you in the smoke infestation in the west?

Thanks David for the update on the Nik Define filter. No, I’m not in the west, but have a lot of family in northern California and Oregon . . .lot of calls and updates, so far, all is well. thanks for asking.

Thank you @NPN_Editor and @Dennis_Plank for the vote of confidence in making my image one of the “weekly editors-pick.” . . . .

Linda, I’m late on this image, but I do want to say that I do like it. Glad to see it at the top of the page. The power lines don’t bother me either. It is along the road, and I see the poles, so I expect to see the lines. Nice image.

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