Suggestions for ideas for Maui

I’m headed to Maui at the end of May and have never been. So I’m looking for suggestions for interesting locations to shoot, visit, eat, hike, play, and see, with an emphasis on shoot.

I’ve done zero research so far but that will change, and I will follow up on each suggestion.

What is your favorite place on the island and why? What should I avoid? Any ripoffs to avoid? Any great meals to be had? Any must-sees?

I went to Maui this January and stayed in the Kaanapali area. Very touristy side of the island, but the beaches and sunsets are amazing so great ocean photography.

My favorite food place was Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. Great food and quick for take out.

Iao Needle was a great hike with lush mountains and streams. Nakalele Blowhole on the far north of the island was a pretty drive and there’s a local guy who makes and sells the most amazing banana bread ever.

I wish I had spent more time in the upcountry - I did a quick drive through there but I would definitely return to explore next time. And of course, the road to Hana is the best place for lush greenery and waterfalls. But very crowded and touristy.

The best big surf is on that side of the island - Ho’okipa Beach is famous. I heard that Mama’s Fish House near Paia is amazing (and reservations are a must.)

Whatever you do, it will be amazing. It’s so beautiful. Have fun!

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Hi Matt,

This blog post is several years old, but it might give you some ideas:

Last I heard, you now need to make advance reservations to do sunrise at Haleakala Crater, so check with the National Park website or as soon as you get to the island.

Have a great trip!

  • Greg
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Thank you, @Jean_Drummond and @GregVaughn . I appreciate the information very much!

Definitely hike into the Haleakala Crater. We stayed overnight at the Kapalaoa Cabin in the crater. From there you can continue the hike through the crater, and join the road at the Leleiwi Overlook. We didn’t have any trouble hitching a ride back up the mountain to the visitor center. It’s a great island. You won’t have any trouble filling all your memory cards.

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That’s a great inside scoop. Thank, Bill!