Sullivan Dam/Paulden, AZ/Verde River

Description:During this monsoon season, we had some fabulous rain. Lake Sullivan is usually dry. Here it is full and overflowing. When water runs over the dam (seen in the picture) it forms the start of the Verde River in northern Arizona. You may not think the lake is impressive. Well, it isn’t. The dam was a WPA project. What they did not count on was the massive amount of silt deposited in the area from four tributaries. By the time the dam was built, it was 2 feet deep and cracked. Nevertheless, it is a local attraction and fun when the water is running. There was also a stone sportsman’s club built nearby with blinds for duck hunting. This is the beginning of the Verde River and the water wars all the way to Phoenix.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony a7riii 1/2500 sec f/7.1 24mm iso 2000

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)
Not a composite.

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A testament to the power of water!

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By the time it gets to Phoenix,it must be pretty powerful! That brown spray is very evocative.

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Carol, that’s a lot of very muddy water. I’m intrigued by your composition with the lake and river off to the side. It’s different and interesting, with the zig-zag bank running into the distance and the quiet reflections in the lake (behind that amazing fall of water).

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Holy cow! Working in a hydrology-related field, this is rather impressive in a disturbing way. I guess no one is worried about the dam overtopping because it’s so full of sediment behind it. The blue sky reflection is an interesting contrast to the muddy water.

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