Summer end

I picked up this image a few days ago in a small natural reserve in the National Sila Park. It is interesting to see the beautiful flowers of Ortensia grow in the middle of conifers, creating a black carpet that breaks with the green of the underwoods.

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Lovely Antonio. The blue flowers definitely look like a very inviting carpet and so quiet. Thanks for posting the wonderful image.

Beautiful! The placement of the trees framed the flowers very nicely. Well done sir.

thank you very much Linda, I glad your like

Many thanks Woody : )

This is a fine image Antonio but not the type I’ve grown to associate with you. The absence of a frame may have something to do with it.

You’re right Igor, it is not really in my type of images by type of shooting. It is a shot taken during a moment of total lightness with my partner. I had my apsc with the 28mm in the pouch pocket and I pulled out a less intimate image than my usual ones :slight_smile: without obviously pretending