Summer Storm

Ten minutes before taking this picture I was settled in for the night on a beach vacation. The storm was still raging overhead but a sliver of alpineglow broke through showing the edge was near. I scooped up my camera bag and drove to my nearby ‘goto’ spot. Not knowing if the subject that night was going to be lightning, dramatic color, or hopefully both. The sunset color never fully broke through. Thankfully the storm raged. The fury of nature is always inspiring to watch and this summer storm was no different.

In all, a solid mix of good luck and waiting for the correct conditions to appear. Plus I was able to stay dry.

Technical Details

Composite: No
30 sec, f/9.0, ISO 200, -2 2/3 EV, 21mm


Glad you got up and back out there to capture this scene. The pier is cool looking, illuminated as it is by the lightning. Are we seeing 3 different lighting patterns that occurred over your 30 second exposure? Pretty awesome!

@Mark_Muller Good questions. Only two different strikes. The glowing area in the dead center is actually light pollution from a nearby fun center (go carts, driving range, etc). I “aimed” the dock railings towards it since it was constant light source.

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