Sun cub


Took this lion cub picture in Mara Naboisho, Kenya with my Nikon D5200 (combined with a Nikkor 80~200 1:4.5).

Am curious what you people think of it and what you would improve?


Hello Steven!
I like the pose and the look, cub gave you.
I’m seeing blue / magenta in the shadows, which needs to be corrected and you may adjust the level of the frame, it appears to be tilted towards left.

Hello Jagdeep, thank you for your comments. Will check if I can correct the image

A very sweet pose, and fantastic light. In addition to what Jagdeep mentions, it looks like critical focus fell just in front of the cub. Notice the blades of grass in front of the cub are sharper than the lion itself is.

Thank you for your feedback. The blades of grass indeed seems to be sharper than the lion itself.