Sunburst peak

A twilight shot in Assiniboine provincial park, all critiques are very much appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Very cool shot. I would see if it would help to pull up the shadows just a touch. What a setting!

A beautiful and rugged place. I might try to get some more contrast out of the sky. Otherwise, looks good to me.

It’s very hard not to like a perfect symmetry like this. Very nice, Blake!

Blake - beautiful image. Realy nice technical execution in camera. In the lower right there is a much stronger (Sky) reflection as compared to lower left where the water appears to be polarized? Im thrown off a bit as a result of that imbalance. This is a minor suggestion - regardless really nice image!

I really love the simplicity of this shot Blake. I wouldn’t change a thing except for possibly that cloud far right center looks a little blown out? At least on my screen. Outside of that it looks perfect.

Blake, this is a very powerful image, I’m really enjoying the twilight mood and colors here. The processing looks great. I also like your symmetrical composition. My only nitpick would be to clone away a couple of the foreground rocks that are bright and right at the frame edges. See below. But that is a minor nit, overall this is a wonderful image.

Blake : I’ve looked at the various points made and can see what people are saying - but personally I find the tonal range excellent and the effect of the light coming from the right to give a nice counterpoint to the formal symmetry of the scene.

@Dave_Douglass @Harley_Goldman @Adhika_Lie @George_Kalantzes @Greg_Stokesbury @Ed_McGuirk @Ian_Wolfenden Thanks guys, very helpful feedback!