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Canon 5D MK III, Canon 70-200mm f4 at 127mm, ISO 100, 1/4 second at f22

At sunrise I was photographing late summer fog along the Sudbury River in Massachusetts. This location is only a 10 minute drive from my house, and is one of my go to locations when weather conditions look interesting. After shooting a grand scenic along the river, I was driving home when I noticed the sunlight coming through a grove of trees near the river. I know these sunburst shots are a bit cliche, but I was fascinated by how many point sources the gaps in this tree created. There was still a little mist in the air, which added a nice glow to the sun rays.

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Fascinating and mysterious. Excellent capture, Ed!

Unique!! You have to look at it for a while to get the full impact.

Very cool stuff here, Ed. The drama and mystery you captured with the light is mesmerizing.

That is badass! I know this isnt for critique but a square crop would bring this to the top. Wicked cool shot and light!


I agree that the longer you look at this one the more impact it has. In an abstract sense, focusing on the starbursts and beams gives me the impression of some sort of supernova/ big bang event! Very interesting to be sure.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I find it interesting that several of you commented about needing to take time to appreciate what’s going on here. Only after you look at it for a bit do you realize how complex this sunburst actually is.

Aaron, I’m not usually a big fan of square crops, because 1) I generally tend to stick with 3:2 aspect because that’s how I “think” composition-ally and 2) I’m not a fan of Instagram, which seems to be making square crop something of a fad today. With that said, I think you have a point about square crop for this specific image. Have attached a re-crop of this. I like the very dark and sinister mood of my original crop, but I also like the square crop, because it’s all about the sunburst