Sunflower Study

One of about 50 photos of this sunflower. Trying to work on composition and balance. I would welcome any critique. Thank you.

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I think the composition and balance work well for me. The mass of yellow and green balance well, but still provide tension because the leaf and flower are partial.
The flower struck me as too densely yellow in places; one could lighten some of those and I think the textures would sing a litle more. Also, if you have exposures that have a sharper focus on the edge of the left and right petals, that might work better with the sharply focused leaf texture. I played with the image using Topaz Sharpen AI, but it did not crisp the left petal edge much.

This is awesome–wonderful abstract. Dick has provided you with an important edit of taming yellows. The camera tends to oiversaturate yellows and some tweaking is necessary to tame them down. Details are perfect for this shot…Jim

Thank you Dick. Very helpful - particularly your thoughts about the intensity of the yellow - I’m still working on getting the color modulations to work. I appreciate your comments.

Thanks Jim. Yes, still working on color balance . Thanks for your input.

Bill: Welcome to Flora and to NPN and thanks for a fine first post here. Was this a single capture or a stack? I like that you have good texture in the petals and the leaves. Dick’s adjustments work well but on my monitor your yellows look OK to me. I do like the comp and the proportion of yellow/green. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more of your work.>=))>

Hi Bill, Thanks for your feedback. This was a single capture. My focus was the veins on the green leaf, but a focus stack would have been interesting. I look forward to more participation with NPN. Thanks, Bill

I find the sharp focus of the veins in the leaves fascinating. The flower petals are the exclamation point. No suggestions for improvement. I like your original post.