Sunny Shore Breaker

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

1/3 sec f/16 ISO 160 ICM


Nice one Andre.
I love the mood you got here with that shutter speed and those amazing colors.
I would try to bring the ULC lights a tad darker.

Shutter speed is right on Andre – I’m going to go out and shoot some waves at 1/3 and see if I can get one as nice as this. A fine art treatment in my view.

@james7 @joaoquintela Thanks for the comments.
Joao yes that hotspot has been a bit of a challenge. I found the highlights looked a bit off if I reduced them too much. Reducing the contrast in that area seems to help.
Have fun with your shoot James.

Lovely wave and color Andre! I agree the shutter speed works very well here.

Is that due to the blown areas in the red channel? If so, and they are lost in the raw file too, I sometimes steal detail from another channel to blend in luminosity mode to try to “fudge” detail into the blown areas. Here’s a quick and dirty example of using the blue to add a touch of detail to the red. Not sure if it is better, but I agree with @joaoquintela that taming them is a good goal.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions John. The blue to red touch worked well.