Sunrise at Freita

After shooting during the nigh, I had a couple of hours sleep when the alarm make it all start all over again.
I rush to this spot to check for sunrise, and I was amazed to see an incredible cloud inversion with a red/orange sky.
I did try to find a a different composition on the run and manage to get this shot.

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
I use 3 images for focus stack,
1 higher ISO image to (try to ) stop wind movement on LLC yellow flowers

Base image
Nikon d810
Nikon 16-36
f10, 0.8 sec, ISO 160


I like the composition and the foreground leads the eye nicely to the background. The only thing I would like to see is a bit more color in the clouds. Nice image.

Like the wide angle perspective and just a beautiful image and editing.

Holy Smokes, Joao! You just keep knocking them out of the park. Image after image. They’re all first class. Images that could grace any Sierra Club Calendar. Yes, the sky is really well done and is at least as interesting as the rest of the image. One can see the time, care, and attention you’re putting into you work. This is not one of those in was walking along and saw this’ type of images.

Your lack of sleep didn’t hinder your attempt at getting this image one iota. Well conceived and executed Joao! As Igor said, you clearly put some thought into this image to get the flowers sharp in windy conditions and blending your shots into the background. I like the muted, soft color pallet you achieved with this image and it just looks real to me. You certainly were blessed with a nice inversion layer at the right place and time. Just a beautiful image Joao!

Joao, you may have rushed to get to this spot, but your instincts took over. I think Igor’s quote says it’s best, your experience shows up in the craftsmanship of this image. Yes, you had beautiful light and weather conditions, but you also made the most of these conditions with your skills, both in the field and processing. Gorgeous image, I keep coming back to look at this one, there’s a lot to appreciate here.

Lovely scene, perfectly handled light. Very nice balance all around.

I agree with the others. Very fine image. Great job with blending and focus stack.

I agree with what has already been said, your excellent craftmanship and artistic experience together with the nature have created a great image!
I noticed that you tried to manage the wind motion of the flowers in the LLC in the field. I do not know your opinion to try to fix it with software, but i just made a quick test with Topaz labs Sharpen AI. There could be some possibilities if you put in some more time than I did.

I definitely have to check that.
Thank for your advice.