Sunrise in Colorado

Sunrise around Ridgway, Colorado - so much of beauty all around. I did take 3 different exposures but decided to process just one.

Specific Feedback Requested

I wonder if I have over processed this one - sky too blue for example
Wish there was more Fall color in bottom third

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

Karl, I really like this. I’m not one to comment on colors since I have a bit of color blindness, but it feels right to me. I like the foreground hills framing the mountains, and the negative space of the sky reflecting the opposite of the mountains. Well done.

I don’t have an issue with the sky being too blue. Both the hue and saturation of the blue sky look natural to me. I do think the sky could benefit from a small increase in luminosity, the image overall feels slightly underexposed to me. I think one of the biggest processing mistakes some people make is making blue skies too dark and saturated, sort of too much digital “polarization” from processing if you will. This is subjective, but this rework would be the direction that I would take this.

Spectacular and gorgeous! I like @Ed_McGuirk’s suggestion. The sky might be just a bit too cyan but it is such a lovely “pue” color. I might consider cropping from the bottom about halfway through the dark FG hills, or burning there a little, as the strong interest is the lovely light on the peaks. I love the soft light in their shadow areas. I don’t feel the bluish-gray in the fog is overdone at all, but I’m a little uncertain about the pinkish-orange where the light hits at the right edge. The lighted area just to the left looks more right. Maybe the area closer to the edge has been burned down a bit too much?

Thanks @David_Bostock , @Diane_Miller and @Ed_McGuirk

Useful suggestions - I did open it up a little and worked on the mountains itself.
The darker RUC cloud has also been lightened